Return of the unit

I also got the unit back today. No hiding it. The unit was cleanly severed from the animal and they even took the time to chop off the wing tag. (By chance, the bird we trapped had previously been wing-tagged by Munir.) The people returning it still claim not to know what happened to the bird, but it is impossible that the wing-tag and unit just fell off with such lovely severings at the ends. People collect vulture feathers – often by killing the bird and it seems pretty clear that was what happened here. Some feathers with the bonus of payment for the unit – what more could you ask for. If the bird had died of natural causes, there shouldn’t have been an issue of giving it to us. I guess a vulture with a bashed in skull would have been a bit tricky to explain.

We have looked at the data and it would appear that the bird made the mistake of leaving the park to forage, adding further explanation to its likely end.

Unfortuante, but on the bright side we have the unit back and we know that the backpack attachment didn’t just fall off.

Unit and wing-tagged; look at the cleanly sliced edges
Unit and wing-tag; look at the cleanly sliced edges

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