Lions who Act like Tigers

Anyone who owns a cat knows that most felines don’t like water. The tiger is perhaps the one exception – famous for its love of swimming. Lions on the other hand are generally known to avoid water. So most of the time when you see them near a river or small pool of water they are looking for a drink and nothing more. That’s why I was incredibly surprised to see not one but four female lions playing in the Talek river. The cats began by chasing each other around. Hiding in the bushes only to leap out and run full speed into the glistening river as they grappled at their pridemates. With all the raucous you’d imagine tht most animals would be aware of the danger nearby, yet all the noise didn’t stop two foolish Egyptian geese. As the four lions had moved off onto alternate sides of the bank, the geese landed in the middle only to notice an enormous female lion jumping from the bushes directly at them. It wasn’t much of a chase and the geese were soon airborne as the lions went back to playing with each other.

After their romp, the lions eventually moved back up the bank for a rest and clean. As one lion went to roll over, she nearly fell through a small crevice in the bank. She grabbed at the dirt with her claws and eventually was able to right herself, but I had never seen such clumsy behavior from an adult lion.

 Lions play by the riverside
Lions play by the riverside

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