In Threes (On Behalf of Corinne)

Giraffes are one of those rare spectacles of the savannah. At 17 feet tall, their heads rise above all the nearby trees and you often only see the horns as you drive past. I always marvel at the seemingly slow-motion movements of the giraffe as they change gait patterns and run away from passing vehicles. Suddenly all four feet seem to be moving at once and yet despite their great height they don’t seem to go anywhere.

One thing I have noticed recently is that giraffe babies often come in threes. Giraffes, like most large mammals, are more or less incapable of having twins, so I know each baby must come from a different mother. Yet so often one finds three baby giraffes together with only one or two adults nearby. It seems like a nursery for the smallest of the tallest, but for some reason only three children are allowed. The three little ones usually stick together following each other around as “danger” nears, whatever they perceive that to be. They are almost never appear to be feeding and must still be dependent on mother’s milk.

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