Blue Beast to the rescue

Sometimes even the most common animals in the bush can still be interesting to see. For instance, yesterday Wilson and I came upon an unsightly bus that had gotten stuck in the mud. Blue Beast seemed up for the task so we drove closer to see if we could help. Five well-dressed Japanese men stood ankle-deep in the mud next to the bus. Each gentleman seemed to be trying to out-dress the other and they were all in dress pants, one of them even fitting a full suit. Off to the side stood an even nicer dressed woman in a white shirt and long leather boots. She was carrying a shovel and had obviously been the only one of the tourists to help at least try to dig the car out.

Wilson quickly swiveled around behind the bus and we attached my recently purchased tow rope between the two cars. With all her might, Blue Beast tugged on the bus, but it didn’t seem to be budging. Then with a loud pop we broke free and I imagined that our back bumper had been ripped from the car in the force. Fortunately it was just the tow rope (which had ripped apart when the sticks when out) and a steel one was promptly brought over by the second bus driver (also with a bus full of camera-wielding Japanese tourists). Wilson moved our vehicle in front of the bus for a new angle and a second attempt. The Japanese men that had been standing around peacefully were suddenly racing around yelling with some were waving their hands in the air and others were pulling up their pants to try and keep the ends from dipping into the mud. More mud was flipping up everywhere from our car as Wilson revved the engine, but somehow the tourists stayed relatively clean despite the minor panic. The bus finally pulled forward and we moved it on to solid ground. The tourists promptly moved back to the bus, thanking us along the way.

I found the whole incident hilarious, but Wilson didn’t seem to understand what was so funny. I wanted to take a picture of those guys, looking so proper and standing in the Mara muck, but decided against it. Despite having many pictures taken without my permission during my trip to Japan, I wasn’t to sure how they would feel about it.