Back to the Bush

I made it back to the Mara finally. I won’t say it happened without a hitch. After planning to leave at 10 yesterday, I ended up waiting around for car insurance to be delivered until 3. This meant that my first drive to the Mara would not only be in the rain, but also in the dark. I realized half way through the drive that I hadn’t made sure the headlights were working, which made me a bit nervous for later. But the blue beast held her own. By 10PM I had finally arrived, having bad it past the huge escarpment, through several towns, and in and out of a large puddle in the neighboring town of Talek, not to mention through the park gates at night.

Exhausted this morning, but so happy to be in the bush once more, I headed out to look for vulture nests. Accompanying me was my new field assistant chosen by the camp manager. Wilson is a Maasai, same age as me, but knows the roads quite a bit better having lived here for most of his life.

As usual, I have been able to appreciate all the splendors of the bush both big and small. A huge herd of elephants, a dung beetle hanging to the lantern outside my tent, four full female lions, a tarantula crushed on the road being eaten by ants, crowned cranes fighting their reflections sparkling on the water’s edge, a milliped trying to get into my tent, and an augur buzzard soaring low to the grass in a field of cows.

Also getting used to driving on incredibly muddy roads. I did manage to get us stuck this morning. We had to jack the car and throw some rocks under the tires to get going again, but nothing Wilson and I couldn’t handle.

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